3 Awesome Tips for Clean Windows

Windows can get dirty easier than you expect and can be difficult to keep clean. In some cases, windows have been recently replaced and homeowners want to keep their shine as long as possible. No matter why you want squeaky clean windows, you can get them immaculate by using these tips from window cleaning ponte vedra beach fl professionals.

Don’t Clean in the Sun

You may think that cleaning in the sun is a good idea because it allows you to see imperfections and spots on windows, but this can actually make it more difficult to get windows clean. If you want them shining, avoid cleaning them while the sun is shining. Wait for a cloudy day or for the sun to go down a bit before washing the windows on your home.

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Try a Squeegee

The pros use squeegees to get windows clean, which can be much easier than using a cloth or some other contraption. Larger windows can be cleaned easily with a squeegee, which allows you to reach areas more efficiently and get an even sparkle across the glass.

Use the Right Cloth

While it may not seem like a big deal to use an old cloth or even a paper cloth to clean windows, however these can be inefficient at getting windows sparkling clean. If you want the cleanest windows possible, using a microfiber cloth is recommended. These don’t leave behind debris and can allow you to get the window clean and avoid streaks. Newspapers and coffee filters work as well.

If you want windows so clear that they look almost invisible, use these tips from window cleaning professionals or call in a cleaning crew for your home’s windows. Once you’ve seen how clean the window experts can get your home, you’ll want to take every measure to keep windows looking beautiful and fresh.