Grain Hauling As Great Startup Idea

owner operator grain hauling

The self-started small-time farmer could get a load of this. And the aspirant farmer could also become owner operator grain hauling on behalf of other established farmers who, as is usual during seasonal events, have far too much production on their dinner plates.

The aspirant farmer could set up a grain hauling business until such time that the trade winds of new business opportunities blow favorably in his direction. Then again, this grain hauling operation would have already served as that neat opportunity.

The aspirant farmer may never have been to college. Nor would he have had an opportunity to attend a specialist agricultural school or college. And having been brought up in the city or a nearby town perhaps, he is not one of those who have descended from a long line of hardy farmers, toiling from one generation into the next.

Laboring from season to season. Seven years of barrenness, and then seven years of abundance; isn’t that how it has always been for the nation’s farmers? It’s never been easy for the country’s breadbaskets but it’s certainly a rewarding enterprise once challenges in the way of the farmer are slowly but surely overcome. And the grain hauling business opportunity looks like it could help them deal with one set of challenges.

High productivity rates required at this time of the year. And although the farmer is quite used to this task by now, dealing with the lines of seasonal laborers come to collect their weekly wages. Grain hauling, amongst other necessary farmyard tasks, can be outsourced to an enterprising aspirant young farmer while the established farmer gets on with the new business of tilling and planting for the next season. Now, isn’t that a good startup idea?