Sweeping Services From Decent Chaps

You could add to this heading. It must be happening by now. These days your parking lot sweeping services washington team will surely include decent young ladies as well. Like most things in life, there can be nothing better than adding the female touch. Not only will your downtown parking lot be swept clean, it should be neat and tidy as well. Hardworking ladies are known to be that way inclined, not so?

parking lot sweeping services washington

And while they are tiding up nicely, let the strong chaps deal with the heavy lifting, if any such lifting is required. That could be. Maybe your parking lot is under heavy weather construction and there is far too much debris and rubble lying about. They could clear that away for you. Under normal circumstances, the parking lot would have been just fine. Hopefully there are no potholes along the way.

And what about clearly demarcated lines? Have they been painted over recently? You would not want irate tenants or visitors in the parking lot arguing over who gets to park where. White lines or no white lines, would it not be ideal to employ at least one smartly dressing parking marshal? He could be the window to your business. First impressions always last. Canvass well for a decent young man or senior citizen who has been around the block at least a few times.

Work with people who know how to treat people. The parking lot attendants certainly need to. There should never be a dull moment that they are not helping out the tenants or visitors. Do this on a permanent basis or contractually, but do the work regularly. What will all the traffic coming and going, you would be amazed at just how quickly the parking lot gets so dirty.