Why Enter Into Law Enforcement?

The field of law enforcement is a promising one that many people are entering into on a regular basis.  One field of law enforcement many are flocking to is security guard services new Orleans.  As a security guard you will be responsible for maintaining law and order, protecting people and taking in the bad guys.  However, as a security guard your powers are only limited to the area you are currently working.

Different Locations

As a security guard you have the ability to work at multiple locations.  These can be malls, hospitals, outdoor events and much more.  If you are a police officer, then you will have the same beat or area you patrol every night.

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Non-lethal force

As a security guard you are not allowed to use lethal force.  Many security guards won’t carry a gun.  They will be required to carry pepper spray, handcuffs and maybe a taser.  When dealing with a suspect you will also be required to detain them until an official officer of the law collects them.


As a security guard you will have a special uniform.  This uniform will either be issued to you by the security company or by the event you are securing.  In some cases event coordinators will request that you come as a plain clothed individual to blend into the event.   


You will typically have to use your own vehicle when doing a security job.  Some companies may have a cart or vehicle for you to use but don’t rely on that.  Also, in many cases you will be monitoring cameras and doing walkthroughs during the course of your shift. 


Security guards have less stressful jobs than traditional law enforcement.  This doesn’t mean that your job isn’t stressful but typically a security officer won’t be putting themselves in the line of danger.